Creating Your Dream Wedding Your Way

Are you getting married this year or next?  How are your plans going?  Often just getting things sorted can be stressful, time consuming and confusing.  Are you:

  • Feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start?

  • Feeling like to cannot see the wood for the trees?

  • Unsure what you want you wedding to look and feel like?

  • Want to make it personal and different?

  • Would like the day to reflect something about you and your partner but don't know where to start.

  • are your emotions feeling out of control?

  • do you feel concerned about being the centre of attention?

  • perhaps worried about writing and presenting your wedding speech?

Planning a big event can be difficult at the best of times, when you are planning a wedding it can be very difficult as you are emotionally involved, you may worry about how others will judge you or your wedding, what if something goes wrong, what do you need to know when you are booking photographers, caterers, wedding cakes, hiring outfits and gown.

Wedding Coaching will help you to:

  • Break the wedding process into identifiable areas.
  • Simplify the planning into manageable steps.
  • Identify what you really want on the day, and we will focus on that.
  • Find ways to personalise the day and let your personality shine through.
  • Stay in control throughout the process.
  • Improve your confidence and self esteem so you look and feel great on your wedding day.
  • Write and present your wedding speech with confidence.

By using my specialist coaching skills I will work with you to plan the wedding of your dreams.  We will identify your skills and attributes which will help you through the planning process.

Many Brides can feel nervous about being the centre of attention on their big day and dealing with the planning of the wedding can be stressful and impact on your general health and wellbeing.

Coaching can help you to enjoy your day with confidence.Some brides have concerns or fears of public speaking, perhaps you are lacking in confidence and self-esteem.

Weddings are personal and special for all brides and not everyone wants the same thing.The coaching process will focus on what kind of wedding you want, perhaps it a theme, something unique.

There are so many decisions to be made about your wedding plans, church or civil service? how many guests? who will they be? how do you transport guests for the service to the reception? how many bridesmaids? who will they be?  Invitations, outfits, wedding dress, are you having a themed wedding? Large or small wedding?  How will you get the right look? Hairdresser and make up artist or DIY? 

Cake? how big / small? how many tiers? modern or traditional?

Photographers.  How many photographs?  What questions do I need to ask? Photographs only? DVD? Formal or informal?  Who will be on the photographs? What about a photographer at the evening function? Black and white, or colour? ..........

By working with my as your coach we identify what the day means for you, focus on how you go about it and set action steps for planning the day. I have a relaxed, informal approach which when you work with me will identify ways for you to plan your wedding your way with confidence!

Our one-to-One coaching is an absolutely confidential service, and specific to your personal situation and individual requirements.   The 'one to one coaching' is telephone coaching. However 'face to face' coaching meetings are available in Bespoke packages which are available on request.

During the initial session you will identify the key aspects of your wedding plan that which you would like to work and your first action steps.  In the following coaching sessions you will be coached in more detail about the wedding you desire, plan the wedding that is unique to you, identify resources, skills and attributes that will help you plan your special day.

Additionally we will specifically focus on the key aspects of your wedding and what you want the services that you use say about you, for example wedding photographer, health and wellbeing, flowers, bridal gowns.  

We will look at your particular situation and you will plan the specific requirements of your wedding. My coaching services are confidential and discreet. The wedding coaching process is tailored to you, you chose on which aspects of your wedding on which you would like to focus.

Bespoke coaching services available on request.

After the wedding we are here to help you move on with coaching in a number of areas, from becoming a parent for the first time, building relationships with step children, returning to work after maternity leave, making the move from professional worker to full time mother, relationship problems.

As your wedding coach, I will work with you in the run up to your wedding to ensure your special day flows smoothly. This can be a real concern for many brides.

The time leading up to a wedding can be very stressful, feeling stressed can affect your ability to cope as well as you would like to and be able to focus on the task in hand.

Planning a wedding  doesn't not have to be stressful.

Consider the ways in which you can go about it. Some brides do it themselves, with the help of friends and family, whilst others prefer to work with someone like myself, a wedding coach, who is detached from the situation, does not know the persons involved and can focus with just you on what you want for the big day, but will do everything I can to support, and encourage you along the way.